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A set of eight short solo pieces in both Easy and Moderate grades for the beginner.

A set of three books for the early learner
Easy grades for the beginner.
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Counterpoint Study - Level Moderate
Two melodies playing at the same time in one hand make the choice of fingering awkward.
1 page
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Prelude 1 No 1 Bach - Level Easy
The Famouse Bach Prelude Klavier 1 No 1 made a little easier.
3 pages
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Name That Tune - Level Easy
A chance to practice chordal playing. Learn the pieces then see if anyone can guesse the tunes. Answers on the last page.
4 pages
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Piano Man / Billy Joel - Level Easy
2 pages
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Stickler For Time / Steve Edwards - Level Easy
A sample song from the childrens album 'A Grand Occasion'. Available as Easy or Moderate arrangements. Click here for the full album.
2 pages
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Morning Waltz from Easy Piano Course Book 2 - Level Easy
A sample song from the Easy Piano Course Book 2 for children. Click here for more information.
2 pages
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Three Pieces from Easy Piano Course Book 3 - Level Easy
Click here form more information.
3 pages
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MnaMna from the Muppet Show - Level Easy
2 pages
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Equinox III - Level Moderate
2 pages
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Bach preludes made easier - Level Easy to Moderate
Three Preludes by J.S.Bach arranged for the early learner. These pieces are great practice as they require more inventive fingering.
5 pages
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